About Marjolein

Born in Laren NH (The Netherlands), 1952

Marjolein studied at the Academy of Art in Tilburg. After that she attended numerous courses as part of her further training.
For some 30 years she has been working on a freelance basis as an illustrator/graphic designer, portrait artist and painter.

Works in private, public and corporate collections.

In the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland she has also realized a number of major projects such as e.g. wall painting in the theatre at Münster (D), in the RaboBank and headquarters of the SNS Bank (NL), Wine Museum Arnhem (NL) as well as painting in a chapel in Saas-Fee (CH). In 2009 and again in 2013 Bos spent two weeks as an invited guest at the Symposium of Art in Slovakia.

Marjolein has used various techniques in painting numerous privately commissioned portraits, e.g. of mayors or groups.

As an illustrator she has repeatedly received commissions from publishing companies and illustrated a children’s cookbook by the popular chef Irma Dütsch.

Working and living in the beautiful environment of the four-thousand-meter peaks and glaciers of Saas-Fee, she was moved to paint the mountainous environment.

Marjolein founded Galerie Maste 4 in 2009. The interest shown in her mountain series prompted her to send paintings to the Liner Museum Appenzell in order to be received as a new member into the Guild of Swiss Mountain Painters, and she succeeded. This was in 2012.

After moving to Bern in 2021 and the decision not to open a new gallery, she started to work in her new studio. She still got wonderful orders to paint mountains, but after closing her studios (also in the Netherlands) and destroying lots of work she wanted something new. At first she started to travel. Visiting new countries would definitely inspire her. 
The beginning of 2023 started with the appointment to have an exhibition in Zermatt at the end of the year. After visiting Zermatt a couple of times she decided to paint not only the Matterhorn, but also a serie of surrealistic paintings. While she was painting, she slowly changed her style and she developed a total new serie of drawings and paintings. Some of those paintings are now in the exhibition of The Art Gallery Zermatt and she is still working on it. So 2024 will be a year of changing.

At work in her studio in Hinterkappelen/Bern
Studio Hinterkappelen





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