2021- now

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After moving to Bern and the decision not to open a new gallery, I started to work in my new studio. I still got wonderful orders to paint mountains, but after closing my studios (also in the Netherlands) and destroying lots of work I wanted something new. At first I started to travel. Visiting new countries would definitely inspire me.
The beginning of 2023 started with the appointment to have an exhibition in Zermatt at the end of the year. After visiting Zermatt a couple of times I decided to paint not only the Matterhorn, but also a serie of surrealistic paintings. While I was painting, I slowly changed my style and I developed a total new serie of drawings and paintings. Some of those paintings are now in the exhibition of The Art Gallery Zermatt and I'm still working on it. So 2024 will be a year of changing.

Pictures will follow soon.